Sunday, March 18, 2012

Girl Scout Week ~ 2012

And what a week it was!!!  I am pretty far behind on my blog as it is, and with all the stuff that has happened this week... I am going to include it all in this one post... most of it has to do with scouts anyways... so, it just makes sense (and saves me a bit of time) to go with one... sorry it's so long!!

Friday ~ This was the kick-off for the Girl Scouts 100th Birthday Bash.  It took place at the Clinton Presidential Library.  We all got to make S.W.A.P.'s and s'Mores and got to hang out with other scouts from all over AR. John Brown University photographers were there taking troop photos and we were able to get individual ones made as well...

Saturday ~ back to the library at 8am. Two of my girls were part of the Flag Ceremony  The girls were taken to individual classes and there were craft stations set up for the adults ~ we made bucket sit-upons, learned how to make survivor bracelets, made a square to be added to the 100 Year Quilt, played some team building games and added to the weaved rug. They had plenty to do to keep us busy!  When the kiddos broke for lunch, we were able to find them and eat with them. They had had a good time and you could tell they were pretty tired!  When they went back for their afternoon sessions, us mom's went through the Clinton Library. They had a *small* section of Girl Scout things on display.  After the girls second section, we gathered up to cross the new bridge over the Arkansas River - symbolizing our venture into the next 100 years.
After that, we were free for dinner. We caught the Trolley down to the River Market and ate at the restaurant called The Flying Fish... pretty yummy stuff!  Instead of waiting on the Trolley, we walked back to the library for the *after-party*. On the way back, we found cardboard and hills! 

The after-party was fun, but we were all so tired, that we didn't stay for very late.. headed home because there was another big day tomorrow.

Sunday ~ Raining and storms expected plus tired kiddos = a hard morning!  We were truly disappointed with what was offered for the morning.  We did get to visit the Witt Stephens Nature Center and that was kinda neat, but I would have rather not gotten up early after such a long weekend to go visit it! Home for a nap was the way I spent the rest of the day!

Monday ~ Monday was our usual - Co-op and music lessons and a few errands thrown in!  Monday was the actual Birthdate for the GS.  We celebrated it by going back to Little Rock to a church and participating in nationwide friendship circles - to be spun out at 19:12 - to signify the year GS started..

Tuesday ~ HAPPY 12th Birthday to my BABIES!!  We celebrated by running more errands and having a birthday lunch!  Samantha had an appointment for some blood work (more to follow on that).Tuesday night was Girl Scout Traditions and they meet for Flag Ceremonies and Retirement.  I wasn't able to attend, and the photos that were snapped haven't shown up anywhere yet!  Riley had ball practice..

Wednesday ~ I had an appointment in Hot Springs with my lung doctor. Roger took off for the day and we all headed down to the lake to check the lift and the boat that is there... I think we are ready for lake time!!
Wednesday night we had youth group and Bible Study.

Thursday ~ we were up and going strong again Thursday morning for CPR class... That took almost all day! Doctor called me about her lab results and now we are waiting for an appointment with a specialist... I will blog about this as we get more answers, meanwhile.. pray! They really enjoyed CPR class and both were pretty excited that they were now certified.

Thursday night was Girl Scout Sing-Along.  The same few of my girls that have been joining us in things all week showed up again for this ~

Friday ~ Took the kiddos on a field trip to the UCA Planetarium.  That was pretty neat..
they also went to the UCA Nature Preserve (I bailed on them because it was quite a hike).  They didn't seem too impressed with the Nature Preserve. The evening, we ended up going three different ways!  Samantha had the Girl Scout thing- which was a scavenger hunt at the mall (I have no photos of that yet either).  Riley had ball practice and I had a Homeschooling High School Roundtable Meeting (more notes about that to follow as well).  We all met back at the house and crashed...

Saturday was church clean-up, but we were only there for a short while because Riley had a scrimmage game, which they WON! After the game, Roger and I went to help decorate for the GS Annual Father Daughter Dance.  He and Samantha had a great time at the dance ~ (photos are still on my phone, so I will add them here next time I sync).

Whew... what a long week... We are TIRED!

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