Thursday, March 22, 2012

E is for ....

E is for Extra Curricular Activities!


I know we have plenty of them!  They are a great extra for the kiddos, but they keep us busy!  Thankfully, they share MOST of their activities!!

We participate in a Co-Op (Class Day).  This semester, they are both in Art and Astronomy.  Samantha is taking Geography and Riley is also take ASL.  This is also time with their friends - that they love!

Samantha takes Piano, Riley is in Guitar lessons. Samantha is a Girl Scout, Riley is a Boy Scout.  That pretty much covers their separate time - well, except during baseball season!! Riley also plays league ball.

Together, they are in Voice lessons (just sang their first performance last night- I will get that video posted on here as soon as I figure it out!).  They did great with that!

They are also part of Celebration Singers  - this is new to them, but they both enjoy it.  Hopefully we can get it together and they will be able to travel with them soon!  (We have had a little trouble working this into our schedule).

Sounds like we are busy, but it all works out!  The extra's are important to the kiddos and I think that since most of our extras are in the same area (music, mainly vocal) then we are ok!

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