Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just for fun ~ blog cruise

Just for fun is the topic for today ~ what do we do to add fun to our homeschool day? 

Well, we do have a rather off week most weeks, because we have Class Day & music lessons.  So, during that day when we are out of the house, fun comes in a few different ways... most recently, a surprise trip to Tropical Smoothie!! Impromptu park trips or unplanned quick field trips also add fun to our day when we are out running the town!

When we are home, we do only have 4 days to get all of our schoolwork completed, so we do spend a bit of time working!  I guess since I am having trouble remembering the last time we did anything fun, then it's been a while, huh?  Some of the things that come to mind are spending time in the kitchen... we love to cook & bake, especially together! We have had some great (funny) times in the kitchen.

Roger's schedule has changed a bit this year.  He has had more time home with us, so that automatically translates into more fun!  We have had a couple of family dates, plus he has gone with us on a couple of field trips.  We also try to play more games for schoolwork when he is home... so he can join in with us!  

I'm not really thinking it looks like we have much fun, but we really do! Maybe I need to be more speicifc in making sure we do have fun!  (Or maybe it's just that my mind is blank and nothing is coming to me right now). One thing, I do try to post a blog when we do something fun... so I know that I have other blog entries that tell about our fun times!

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