Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's normal? Is there such?

A typical day, because there is no such thing as normal, right?  We have one day a week that is Co-op, Music lesson, errands... I try to stay home the rest of the week.  By doing this, it gives us 4 full days for schooling & chores.  We have recently started a new schedule and I think it may work.  Here is what our typical day looks like (currently): 

I wake between 5:30 & 6am.  Try to sneak in a bit of stretching and a little exercise, have my quiet time (I'm starting Ephesians this week with the Good Morning Girls!).  After my quiet time, I jump in the shower and take care of readying myself.  Once I am ready for the day, I wake the kiddos and start breakfast (usually 7-7:30am-ish). They have until 8:30 to wake, read their Bible, chores & eat breakfast.  We are at the table at 8:30 to start school work.  We start with Bible (currently we are working on Grapevine Studies Old Testament Timeline- review & discount code coming soon! ), spelling, reading (Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is our current read + their Spectrum reading workbook), Grammar, Writing & Vocabulary.  These subjects tend to sometimes blend together, so we try and do them all at the same time!  Once we finish with the Language Arts stuff, we move on to math.  At 11am we take a break, chores, lunch and some free time.  Most days, while we are having lunch, we are also reading history lesson & then after lunch, we are able to do any hands on/worksheets for history.  After history, we move on to music - they both are in voice, Sam has piano and Ry has guitar.  Sam also has lessons online for music (plus, she has speech two days a week). At this time, we also work on any review items we currently have on our list!  We finish up the day with science.  We are going through the anatomy book, and it has some projects in it, but we tend to get distracted and science happens the rest of the day (which is why it is last!).

Once we are all done with school work, we make sure chores are caught up and then the rest of the afternoon is free time.  They take turns helping in the kitchen, so, when it is their day, they start dinner.  Our evenings are pretty busy, scouts, church, scouts... 

So, that wraps up our typical day around here.. we always take time for cool field trips, we are part of 4H, and we take full advantage of weather opportunities (like snow days or beautiful days) and head outside when we can!  We have been know to load it all up and head to the park for school!


  1. Love the multi-tasking during lunch!

  2. So great to read about a "normal" family. As a mother of four homeschool grads, you will never regret the time you are spending with those precious children!

  3. Love your day! We get distracted with science too!


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