Monday, December 5, 2011

Teacher Geek, a weird review...

Check out this cool arm... If you want info on where I got it, please email me or leave your email in the comments section. 

I have to admit when I opened the package and saw all of the pieces, I was a little worried.  I was also thankful that the directions were worked out in very basic step-by-step.  It took us a few days to get this done, and we were able to come back and pick up where we left off with out any issues.

I struggled putting this together.  It was too hard for the kiddos to do on their own, and I had some time where it was really hard for me also.  Once we got it together, it was pretty cool... I am going to *try* and upload a video - 

(see, I'm easily entertained - this was pretty cool!  Kiddos thoughts so also!)

While the arm is *finished*, it's really not.  We are struggling with our base, so we are going to try and mount it on a more stable piece of wood, we are having issues with getting the water through the LONG tubing for the 3ml syringe & our fingers aren't matching up to pick something up... So, a little more fine tuning and it will be good to go! Oh, and we need to change out the water and add food coloring - because I think that will make a huge difference!

While this looks fun and like a toy, it is not.  This is an educational product that needs to be used with adult supervision.  I felt this could probably go without saying, because it was a challenge to put together.  I allow my kiddos to do many things on their own, but they would not have been able to assemble this alone.

Please ignore the background - we scooted schoolwork out of the way and worked on the arm during lunch!

Riley was trying to make it pick up our small screw driver- even though I told him it was too heavy!

Close up of the control center...

The entire arm...

We managed to get it to pick up some cotton!

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