Thursday, December 29, 2011

I know that you all have probably heard for, right?  While I think she has some awesome ideas and I do use many of her suggestions, I cannot use her on a routine basis. Two reasons - one, too many emails for me and two, I hate shoes...

Anyways, in my recent attempts at keeping my sink shiny and drinking my water, I learned of  I loaded it to my phone and to hubby's phone.  I didn't think much more about it until he called one day to tell me he had entered his work schedule for the next two weeks on the calendar.  My first thought was, if he's gonna use it then I guess I better.  That has been almost a year and we continue to use it faithfully. The kiddos got a Nook for Christmas and I have downloaded the app for them and they are using it as well.  Since it has been such a great tool in our household this past year, I thought I would share it with you all.

There are several components to  First, it is internet based, so when Roger or I update anything in the app - it's already there for the other to see. The different options are Calendar, To Do, Shopping List & Journal (Oh, and Meal Planning - but it's not available through the phone yet - however, I am using it and I do love it!).

CALENDAR:  We each have our own color, including one for ALL of us & one for Chunky & Goosey (my niece and nephew).  Like I mentioned, the kiddos have access to it so they can see what all is going on, as well as add to what plans we already have.  The print feature has a few options ~ this week, next three weeks or month.  You can choose where to start on each of these.   I use the next three weeks option and sometime during Friday or Saturday, I print out the next three weeks, starting with Sunday.  I do this each weekend, allowing for any additions or changes that have been made over the week.  This goes on the fridge. It is the middle page between the two magnet strips.

MEAL PLANNING: The bottom page, hanging by a clip is our meal plan for the week.  I plan out a week at a time, printing it out on Tuesday morning (Monday's are our usual errand day, so I plan my meals Tuesday-Monday.) I don't plan too far out because it will print all you have planned, and one week is enough! I usually don't worry about the next week until closer to the weekend, so I can work in meals that we planned for but something else came up ~ but I still have all the ingredients to make! 

SHOPPING: This allows for multiple lists ~ love it! I have an ongoing Kroger, WalMart, Pet Store, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General  list ~ everyone is pretty good about adding to the list (mostly grocery, and I still have to direct them as to which list some items need to go in). 

TO DO: This also has a place for multiple lists.  I have a few ongoing in there as well ~ ERRANDS (I just add to it as I think of things I need to do on the following Monday - then that morning, I can check it to make sure I have everything I need!).  I also have a MAIN to do list for me, as well as a CLEANING LIST for me, a TO DO list for ROGER.  Currently, I have a list of things to do in the camper when it gets home from deer camp (Rog's dad brought it home Saturday, so I guess that we will get on that list soon!).  

JOURNAL: This feature can be used in many different ways ~ I have used it to journal field trips, because I can do it from my phone, while we are on the trip! You can only add one photo per entry from the phone, but you can make as many entry's per date that you want.  I usually do at least 2 - one for Samantha and one for Riley on each of our field trips.  I think now that they have access through their Nooks, they can start doing the journaling part, after I add the photo!

So, there is how our life works best with!  Like I said, it is internet based, so anyone can use it as long as you have web access ~ but it's even better as an app on your smart phone!

*(Oh, and the top calendar on the fridge in the photo ~ ~ working on decluttering this year!)

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