Wednesday, December 7, 2011

B-17 Bomber stops in NLR

We got word of EAA's tour with the B-17 Bomber Aluminim Overcast coming to an airport not far from us.  The original information that I first saw about it was actual up in the air tours... for $425 per person.  Yeah, not going to be doing that one! 

The day before, one of the homeschool mom's in our group sent out a message saying they were offering ground tours for $15 per family... we decided we could handle that.  So, after our gingerbread adventures, we ran to the house, grabbed Rog and Em and headed to the airport... in barely enough time for the kiddos to crawl through and check things out.

Riley was pretty excited about it... and has talked about it several time since then.  Sam and I, not so much... It was a plane... and I'm just not that into things like that.  I am excited that we got to go and see something like that, but I couldn't get overly excited about an airplane. (I know it was used in WWII and all, but still - it was just a plane to me).  Anyways, between Em and I, we got several photos with my camera (kiddos got tons with their own cameras).  Here are a few of the best ones...

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