Sunday, October 30, 2011

My next attempt at a Bible Challenge

I didn't complete the 90 Day Challenge. In fact, I am about half way through Psalms.  Perfect timing to join in with Amy @ Mom's Toolbox again for her next challenge -

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I am going to finish Psalms between now and Tuesday morning and flow right into this challenge with whoever else joins in! Visit Mom's Toolbox to learn more!

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  1. Hey, right there with you on not finishing in 90 days but I'm still doing it. It might take me 180 days...but I'm doing it! I am at chapter 15 (or is it 13?) in Proverbs (and I already read Song of Solomon- oh, I don't know how I got out of order but it's read so I'm going with it!).
    I like these challenges. I've never really taken the time before- I know I should read the bible and I want to but life seems to pull in so many other directions. Having a challenge makes it easier to make it happen.


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