Monday, October 17, 2011

Goal Plan Monday ~ week #7

I have tried to keep up with this, but I somehow always get behind! Visit to join in with your week's plans!!

So, since my kiddos were gone out of town this past weekend, we spent a few days before they left doing a super clean on the house so I could have a break also! It was actually pretty nice to hang out at the CLEAN house, alone, catching up on my blog and my DVR! I have no idea what I had listed last time I participated in this, so I don't know where I left off or what I have already done. Here are a few things on my plans for this week:

Laundry room: sweep the floor, general pick up

Family room: bring in load of wood

Kitchen: Defrost small freezer

Dining room: clean out pet cages

Bathroom: Clean out bottom shelf in top cabinet

Bedroom: clean off book shelf

My bath: top shelf in top cabinet

School room: clean off computer desk

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