Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CREW: Wits & Wagers by Northstar Game


This game came during the day while we were out running around.  When we finally got home, tired, after a long day - starting with an early field trip ending with church, the last thing I wanted to do was open a new game and try to figure it out.  I was tired, the table was a mess, just wasn't into it.  The kiddos told me they would clean the table and get completely ready for bed if we could just play the games! I agreed (and they did a great job with the table, I might add!).

We pulled out Wits & Wagers Family.  Directions were very easy.  Easy to read and easy to follow!  We had SO MUCH FUN with this game!!  Played it twice!  


I have to admit, when I first heard the name, I was a little worried.. We have other games that we play that we bid or make a wager on and the kiddos still don't quite understand them.  This was easy for them to get.  The little meeples were worth the points and they placed them correctly.  We played it the first day and I used it as a reward for the next week to encourage them to get them to quickly and correctly - without fuss - get their school work done.  


The little meeples are really cute and we all got to use our favorite color ( a plus at my house).  I think this game will be a hot one around here for a while.  You can get your own game by visiting NorthStar Games and finding a dealer near you.  If your still unsure about it, check out what my Crewmates had to say- follow the Crew link:


***Disclaimer - As part of the Homeschool Crew, we were given this product free of charge in exchange for our honest opinions. ***

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