Friday, October 14, 2011

Crew Blog Cruise: How do you plan your homeschool money?

Budgeting... not something that we are good at around here... period.  The topic for the Crew Cruise is budgeting for books and supplies...

I don't set a specific budget for our school stuff each year, but I don't go all crazy either.  I know about what I want to/can spend and I do pretty good about sticking to that. I think I luck out a lot of time, because my kiddos are the same age, so I can get away with only one teachers guide per subject (I am finally to the point where those are important and I have to have those!!).  I have tried several things with the student guides... just one, making  copies for them...just one, having them share and write things down... one each- that seems to work the best - even if it is a bit more costly, that's just how it works here.

As for supplies, I try to space things out and buy them when they are on sale throughout the year.  We are getting to the point where pencil and paper pretty much covers our supply list!  (Not really, but seems like it!) Plus, we have to have the fun notebooks and paper and neat pens and all...right?

Another thing that I try to keep in mind, but don't really budget for - Field Trips!  With three, sometimes all four, of us doing things, it can get costly!  We are always up for freebies, but really have to consider those that cost more than a few dollars each.

Do you have a budget? How does your family plan things? What about the extras that come up during the year?


  1. Hey, nice to know I'm not the only non-budgeter :) (what, that isn't a word? hmmm)
    The 'field trips' are all the family trips we do so I don't plan for those in the same way I would for school and supplies- they happen and I count them as school :D

    I commented on your turtle post but accidentally x'd out before I completed all the steps (the word verification) silly me- cute turtle though :)

  2. True...field trips can be pricy...I try to find as many inexpensive ones as I can,and splurge on one only if I know it's going to be really good!


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