Monday, September 5, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge ~ Day 2

Well, since the whole family was gone this morning, I didn't think I would really be getting dressed.  I had some cleaning around the house to do, and some stuff at the computer, so I was just going to stay in my house/lounge clothes.  Then a friend called - was headed this way to spray for ants - so, I proceeded like it was any other normal busy day and got my shower and dressed... even though I wanted just ONE lazy day...

So, here is the photo of my feminine challenge - I took it while sitting out back, in the nice cool, fall like weather - playing catch up on my Bible in 90 Days Challenge. *if your are part of this challenge, please DO NOT look at my page and see how very far behind I am!*

Sorry ~ no full body shot today ~ no one was home to take it!


  1. Very clever picture Christa. Maybe someone will be home tomorrow. :) I did the Bible in 90 Days at the beginning of the year. Don't worry where you are..just keep going!

    Karen @

  2. Yeah... ditto. I would have liked to see a full body shot also but I love the view of this photo. Great shot! I am doing the Bible in a year with my church and I am behind by a little more than a week. I am working to catch up. Don't give up just keep reading.

  3. ...zooming in.... ;) just kidding. I am very very far behind but keep on keeping on!!

    I didn't get a photo from yesterday's FFC but today dd took one of me while we were out and about so I will post it later (as long as the internet remains kind and stays connects :D )

    Have a good Tuesday!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I am doing the B90 challenge right now too. It has been hard to keep up...and I'll admit that a lot of it has been down right boring. I keep plowing through it though. I agree with Karen. Just keep going. I think the point is to set a pattern of enjoying God's word...I don't think it matters how far you get as long as you feel spiritually fed. :)


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