Friday, September 23, 2011

Electric Company!

Another exciting field trip we attend this week was the Electric Company.  It was set up as two (actually 3) different sessions.  They started out in a classroom type setting, watching a video about electricity safety. Once they finished the videos, there was a little discussion about things.  They were cute videos!  The kiddos were put in these situations and had to tell the folks that worked there what was wrong or what to do.  The Electric Company had plenty of staff and were very helpful!

Sessions two and three separated the younger kiddos from the older ones.  The younger kiddos got to see a magic show and the older kiddos got to see some electricity in action!! There is a mobile classroom trailer that the linemen showed the kiddos how it all worked.  It was really neat!  They showed them how the fuse is thrown and how it you touched anything up there on the poles- it would FRY you!  

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