Monday, August 15, 2011

The (original) first day of school -

according to the public school anyways!!

Since today was the first day of public school, we had our Annual *NOT* Back to School Donuts & playdate...

We meet at the local donut shop right after classes get started and munch on donuts with our homeschool friends until all (32 this year) kiddos are hyped up on sugar and then we let them burn that energy while we moms continue our chatting!  Last year, we were able to get the skating rink, this year - we headed to a local park!

We did do some school work before we went for donuts and we came home and did a little more...

Then we ended up at a GS friends house (they homeschool also) to swim for the afternoon... for more mom chat time...

If that wasn't enough, I wrapped the day up at US Pizza Company for a MNO!

Man, that was a tough first day of school - or 11th in our case!

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