Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Helping at the local school

One of the teachers at the local elementary school received approval from the district to have the air on the two weeks before school started and she spread the word about an *extreme makeover* for the upcoming year.  Parents, teachers and other members of the community all pitched in to help.

 Lowe's donated paint, Sonic donated drinks, Subway donated sandwiches and people in the area donated their time and hard work.  My kiddos, along with a couple of other Girl Scouts, met up there and started working where we were told to go.  It started in the front yard with the flower beds...

The girls quickly got bored in the flower garden and somehow (I'm not quite sure, because I was told children could not paint) they ended up in the boys bathroom...with ORANGE paint!

The room turned out really cute and they even had to help clean up their messes...

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