Monday, August 1, 2011

3rd Annual *NOT* Back-to-School Blog Hop

I may have already posted this once, somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.  I’ll share again here since it is for a new purpose - NOT Back to School!  We love this time of year!  We always start way before public school does around here and we take their first day and go out for breakfast!  The first couple of years, we went alone, but the past few, we have meet friends from our homeschool group at the donut place and hung out there… I assume we will probably be doing that again this year - as soon as I make the announcement and get it on the calendar!!

Ok, now for our school year….

BIBLE: Grapevine Studies -New Testament Overview & Life of Joseph (we briefly hit on the NT studies last year, I want to do a bit more in-depth with it).

LANGUAGE ARTS- Spectrum Workbooks (Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar and Reading); Mad Libs; Gram Slam Game

MATH: Math U See (Zeta); {looking into either Life of Fred Fractions or Key to…- anyone have any opinion on either of these - strictly as supplement}

SCIENCE: Apologia - Human Anatomy; plus, I found out that Aerospace Adventures would be offered as a small group in 4H. (plus the kiddos *really* want to join the rabbit group)

HISTORY: All American History, Level II; and I am wanting something simple for World Geography (maybe like Galloping the Globe- but is that too young for them) just a little something extra-

TYPING: Mavis Beacon teaches typing, and their (and my) blogs.

EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Co-op (art, music & geography), Scouts, 4H, Swim Team/Baseball, church, piano/guitar

And, we can’t forget that I am going to work in what ever we get blessed with from the Crew for review!  This looks like a lot, but it really isn’t and we won’t do ALL of it everyday.

So, there’s our year - we are actually starting on some stuff today - like the stuff I have! We will add more as it trickles in…


  1. Stopping by from the Blog Hop. looks like you have a great year planned.

  2. I've read a lot of folks using Life of Fred. I'll have to look into it. Your site is adorable!


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