Friday, July 22, 2011

Splash Kingdom

Each year a local church (Cornerstone Bible Fellowship) hosts a one week Music & Drama Camp.  We found out about it through Samantha's piano teacher and participated last year and enjoyed it enough to want to do it again this year. 
Last year was America Ideal.. kinda cute.. This year was Splash Kingdom… SUPER CUTE!!
photo 6

They got up bright and early everyone morning for the week, worked really hard on learning songs and hand motions.  They are at the church from 8-12 each day and by the end of the week, they are beat, but they pull off a pretty cute show. Of course, Samantha and Riley were on either side of the stage!!
photo 1photo 2
Splash Kingdom was about the kids that wanted to get into the water park, but their name was not written in the book.  One was pretty freely giving with his money and tried to buy their way into the park, but the guard at the gate.  He had to tell them there was only one way into the Kingdom and it was to learn their ABC’s (Admit, Believe & Confess).  There were many cute songs throughout the play and a small bit of acting between about 7 kiddos (my two weren’t ready for a *part* yet- they just wanted to sing).
Best part for Samantha- one of her favorite friends was also there each day:
photo 8

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