Friday, July 1, 2011

How long have I been blogging?

So, I finally figured out how to transfer the rest of the post from my HSB account over to my blogger blog.  I was working on moving them - ONE.AT.A.TIME. - before HSB switched to the Wordpress platform.  It was super time consuming and I just didn't get finished.  Last night, I went back to work on it again and I noticed the choice to export - HALLELUJAH!!  It took me about 15 minutes, but I figured it out and moved the remaining 786 posts over!!  What a relief I felt after that was complete!  It is such a great feeling to have all my *stuff* here, in one place! (sadly, Blogger flagged me for spam and I have word veification on EVERYTHING I do for the next 24-48 hours- for posting an *exceeding large amount of posts in a single day*).

I have been blogging since June of 2005 - just before we started Kindergarten... WOW!  We are starting 6th grade in a few weeks... I started because I wanted a record of our school work.. I continue because I enjoy it.  I am actually thinking about sitting the kiddos up their own account so they can either blog with me on here or start their own blog (leaning towards here).

There are so many blogging challenges and so many  memes that are so encouraging and really get ya thinking!

So, how long have you been blogging?  Which, if any, challenges/memes do you participate in?



  1. hours now? :) (thanks)

  2. Haha! Oh, by the way.. I asked some of my bloggy friends to help me figure out how to get that at the bottom of my posts - so you may have new visitors today - because I linked you so they would know what I was talking about...


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