Monday, July 11, 2011

Goal Plan Monday ~ week #3

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I think I did fairly OK last week.  This week, I am actually going to mark what I put on here on my MAIN TO DO list so I will focus on these items first!!

LAUNDRY ROOM- deep freeze cleaned out, defrosted and inventoried (light going out in the laundry room- flickering and hard to see in there)
FAMILY ROOM - Fireplace vacuumed out, call chimney sweep and get a price to get it checked and cleaned
KITCHEN - Salsa, strawberry & grape freezer jam
DINING ROOM - turtle cage cleaned out
SCHOOL ROOM - print off pages from Planner and get my binder organized
BATHROOM - clean out JUST top shelf in the top part of the cabinet
BEDROOM - get clothes put away

I think I am going to stick with my goals by room.  This week, I am also going to add in the areas I volunteer in and a couple of other things and see if that will help me knock a few things off of those lists as well.

LAUNDRY ROOM - figure out what size light bulb I need for in there, purchase & get bulb changed.
FAMILY ROOM - fireplace vacuumed out, call chimney sweep and get pricing for checking and cleaning.
KITCHEN - clean out pantry & inventory
DINING ROOM - scrapbook stuff sorted
OFFICE - clean off school table and computer desk
BATHROOM - clean off 2nd shelf in top cabinet
BEDROOM - clean out bottom of closet
SCHOOL WORK - finish making the list of what we need for the year
GIRL SCOUTS - get notebook cleaned out and all girls info updated
BOY SCOUT - get started on newsletter for fall
FIRE DEPARTMENT - enter one month’s fire calls into the computer
LADIES AUXILIARY - get notebook updated and cleaned out
HOMESCHOOL GROUP - hand out fliers for our Activity Fair

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