Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And now we know…

Sam was DQ’ed from her breast stroke race on Saturday.  Meet sheet didn’t list the reason.  When I replied to the email, I was informed that the coaches would have the info so they would be able to work with them on things.

*I’m sorry - not to sound ugly - there are 305 kids on the swim team and about 5 coaches (a  couple are high school kids) There is NO WAY that those coaches can know and keep up with who DQ’ed and why….

We went straight to one of the coaches last night and asked why - guess what - HE DIDN”T KNOW!!!  So, he went on a search, there were no notes as to WHY, so he told her to get in the pool we would figure it out.  By the time she was half way down the 25 yards, he knew what she had done.

She ended up in that coaches group last night and he worked with her on her issues.  She signed up for Backstroke and Breaststroke for next weeks meet.

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