Saturday, July 2, 2011

Destination Disney: The Letter *A*

This week’s letter is:

    Using that letter as your inspiration, please share some Disney fun with us on your blogs.  Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • CHARACTERS – Ariel, Aladdin
  • PARKS/SECTIONS of parks – Animal Kingdom, Asia, Adventureland
  • ATTRACTIONS – Astro Orbiter
  • RESORTS – All-Star Movies, Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • FOOD/DINING – ABC Commissary
  • ANYTHING GOES!!!  Things feelings, people, weather conditions, etc.

    Be creative!

      Don’t forget to go back to Heidi’s page (here) and link up so that others can find your posts (use a direct link to your DD post and not just to your blog’s url, please). 

      Destination Disney - for all Disney lovers!


    When I think of *A* and Disney World, the first thing that comes to mind is


      This is the eight of us when we went in June of 2008.

    And how about ACTION!!
    She didn’t care for the TeaCups!

    I did- they did make me nauseous though.

    This was the second time around on Thunder Mountain (my favorite)!

    All ABOARD!!

    Didn’t get a shot of it, but they got to say that in the microphone.

    How about ALL AMERICAN?


    More ACTION!
    This was at Hollywood Studios and I volunteered Roger to *help*!

    That about sums up our *A*Disney tour - this was a lot of fun… will be back for next week for SURE!!


    1. I love your matching shirts. Great pictures.

    2. AWESOME post, Christa. You thought of some great A's. I love seeing everyone's interpretation. I think this is going to be tons of fun for the rest of the year.
      Every time I see your pictures in your tie-dye shirts I get envious. They look SO fun.

    3. Heidi ~ we ordered them from somewhere -REALLY CHEAP! - we actually just placed another order. Let me ask mom who the company is and I will let you know... I got a real cute bag - small, purple tye-dyed - for like $4.


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