Monday, July 18, 2011

Bible in 90 Days ~ week 1 wrap-up


Here are some key points that stood out to me this week… I think choosing to stick with my personal Bible, where I already take notes, was a good choice.  It really did help me through the first day,  . My thoughts on each of these points are included (in parenthesis).
MONDAY ~ Genesis 1:1-16:16 -
*God created Eve to be Adam’s helpmeet… taken from his side, where she is not above him, nor is she beneath him.  (I was made to be Roger’s helpmeet, the Lord expects ME to help HIM, not the other way around).
*Noah and Enoch were the first ones to receive GRACE from the Lord - GRACE: favor undeserved - for walking righteous with the Lord. (He gives me grace because He WANTS to, not because I deserve it).
Something else that stood out to me, happened twice in this short reading.  Adam listened to Eve, and was wrong.  Abram listened to Sarai and was wrong.  Both of these men should have prayed about their actions BEFORE they acted upon them.  Both of these ladies should have prayed about what they were asking their husbands to do BEFORE they even suggested it.  In both cases, these men were wrong in the site of the Lord.  I find it odd because I have often heard teasing about not listening to a woman, or comments about the man being the head of the household, yet these two instances caused a man to fall before the Lord.  Yes, I know about forgiveness and yes, this could be seen as a sexist statement, but they both stood out to me this morning.
TUESDAY: Genesis 17-28 -
What really stood out to me today was when Abraham's faith was confirmed.  He had enough faith that he was ready to give up his son.  He knew that the Lord would provide!  I pray that I have that much faith in Him...
WEDNESDAY: Genesis 29-41 -
Verses 32:22-32: Jacob was up all night wrestling with God.  How much time do we waste *wrestling with God*~ when we really should just *shut up & listen to Him and do what He says? Also, the dream tells me that when things are good, don't just waste it, save it for when things are bad...
THURSDAY: Genesis 42- 50 -
Verses 50:19-21 - even after what his brothers did, he was still there for him..
FRIDAY: Exodus 1-15 -
The Plagues... these really reveal the power and holiness of God.
SATURDAY: Exodus 16-28 - What else can be said about this section - the 10 Commandments are here.  And even more rules/laws. And listed with all of these are consequences... what a novel idea... you do something wrong, you get punished - what happened to that for today's society? Being responsible for your actions? That doesn't happen much any more.
SUNDAY: Exodus 29-40 -
32:26 - ... Whoever is on the Lord's side, come to me...  -- this was a main verse in a sermon not to long ago and it makes you think - Who's side are you on? Can 't be on both side of the fence... where are you? Think about it, then act like it!

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