Friday, June 10, 2011

When we will be normal again???

How you like the way I asked that?  Like we have normal? Anyways, I feel like we are finally at a place where things can start feeling back on track!  Ball is over, scouting is over, school- well, we gotta do some work on that one.  We are excited about Swim Team - Sam's first meet is tomorrow - we have NO IDEA what to expect!!

She went to swim practice this morning and then we came home and napped... Ry came to me upset because he wasn't sure that he wants to go to summer camp (on Sunday!) I think he is just spent and really needed more of a nap.

Nothing like a last minute shopping trip to Wal-Mart to round off a crazy week! We got some groceries for the week and the rest of the items they both needed for camps... and McDonalds for dinner... I am tired and headed to bed!

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