Monday, June 13, 2011


So, yesterday, Samantha had a friend come home from church with her and stay the night.  They got up and moving and I asked them if they were up to the movies... well, DUH! yes, of course they were!  We headed north to a small town & got in line for the $1 showing of Marmaduke!  I hadn't seen it, the girls had.  Turns out it is such a cute movie!  Made me wanna go home and hug on my Hershey!!

Lunch, then an eye doctor appointment for Sam- all clear!- for now... she is starting to show nearsightedness and astigmatism (not sure where she gets that... yeah, right... poor child is cursed with my eye issues!).

Home for homemade burritos & then we headed to Conway to watch Roger play softball.  They did ok in the beginning, then got down and couldn't get back in the lead... Roger did catch two popflys and had two smoke straight through his glove... It was a nice night out, not to hot.  Took Sam's friend home and it's time for bed!

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