Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping Trip 2011 - Tuesday

Enjoyed my quiet time again today... had plenty of time to read ahead on the bible study again... how's that for a conformation that this is what I should be doing??  I know I already said this, but I am looking forward to the study!!

Guys came in with nothing... again... breakfast was ham and eggs and then we loaded up to head to the 'cold hole'.  (That's a secret place that a friend shared with us - can't tell much more about it).

Guys spent some time chasing crawdads - Chelle and I joined in for a while too - kinda fun!  They were hoping that maybe crawdad bait would be better for the jugs tonight...

Random - strike a pose!

We played on the rope swing for a while, even me!  Those pictures are on a disposable, so I will get them posted whenever Chelle develops it and I get my hands on it.

Chelle had to leave for school, Em & I crashed at the camper and the rest of them went back to the cold hole.  Later that night, around the fire, they tell me they went exploring up a little ways and found some bones... WHAT?!? They said it was a full leg bone, about the size of a small child... but it only had four toes, so they were not worried to much about it... my response to them (them being Roger & two of his young (23&19yo) friends - "apparently you aren't someones momma!" (to which they naturally replied- yes, you are correct!) I told them I thought it may be a good idea to let someone know about those...Chelle agreed when she returned from school.

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