Friday, April 15, 2011

Just this week...

Been a fairly normal week - baseball practice, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church... just the regular routine...

My Girl Scout troop is taking part in a special interest group called OMG!! (our mall group).  They are meeting at the mall and she has many things planned for them!  This week, they did a scavenger hunt all over the mall - fun stuff - next week we are supposed to go to the Clinque counter at Dillards for a facial/make-up session!

I did have to give myself one of my shots this week and I had an appointment with an eye specialist- because when I went to get contacts, the doc didn't like the way my retina looked, so he sent me to a retina specialist.  Retina specialist didn't like the way my optic nerve looks, so he is sending me to a neuropthamologist - who deals with the eye and the brain... yay!... because I need one more issue to deal with!

Samantha met her 4H Sewing group at Hobby Lobby to learn to measure and pick out a pattern... they were talking about making an apron and she comes home with a pattern for PJ bottoms - MUCH MORE FUN! We get to go next week and pick out her material... they suggested fleece, but I am hoping we can find something light so she can wear them NOW, not waiting until winter again...

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