Friday, April 15, 2011

Destination Disney: Character Meet and Greets

This week’s Destination Disney topic is
Character Meet & Greets
Share with us your favorite locations to meet the characters, your best experiences with the characters, and (of course) pictures with the characters!  Also, if you have a list of characters that you’d like to meet, or you have special tips on where to find some of those more elusive characters, do share! Find more post like this at Heidi's Reviews and Reflections!

The best experience we had with meeting the characters was the night we had after hours privileges at Magic Kingdom.  Donald, Goofy and Pluto, at the last minute, jumped on the carousel with us and roamed the extended ride we had on it!! (It appears my picture has gone missing- and I still need to print these off to scrap- yikes! - funny thing is, it is in my FB photos and when I try to save it from there, it disappears - weird - like I need one more thing to do...)Anyways... Mickey and Minnie at ToonTown are always a sure thing, and even though the line is always long, once you get in there, you get your time with them - however long it takes you to do however many poses you want to do!
Another good place to run into the characters is in Animal Kingdom on Rafiki's Planet Watch - we ran into a few up there:

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