Friday, April 1, 2011

Destination Disney: Disney Water

Disney Water

What? You ask.  Well, like everything else that Disney does, they do water right.  Think Seven Seas LagoonWorld Showcase Lagoon, andCrescent Lake – and that’s just a few examples of LAKES.  When I think of Disney Water, my mind also goes to the many FOUNTAINS throughout the parks
So, this week’s topic is fairly broad and is limited only by your own imagination.  Let’s keep this topic for Disney ON LAND – parks, Downtown Disney, Water Parks, etc. – we’ll save the REAL WATER (Disney Cruise Lines) for another post.

Great topic, because there are some great Disney fountains!  I remember first time I visited Disney (in 1996) I was impressed with the *hopping water* at Epcot!  

I searched through all thousands of my pictures and I didn't have a single one that was worth sharing of the water....UGH!  And I was so excited about getting back into Disney....

So, for more Disney stuff, check out Heidi's blog... she always has many great pictures! 


  1. No water pics? I bet they're there! :) I love the jumping fountain at EPCOT too. Somewhere around here, we should actually have a video of them. I need to look on my old computer.

  2. Well, I have some fireworks pics at Epcot - which are of course over the water- but they are really bad...

  3. Hey there! Stopping by from UBP. We homeschool too. We have to get back to's been a few years. We love Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

    I am your latest follower!

  4. Sorry you don't have your pictures, but I agree Disney has some great water places. I always loved the jumping fountain too.

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