Friday, February 4, 2011

Destination Disney: Souvenirs

Souvenirs?  Can't go anywhere without coming home with TONS of souvenirs!!  

I do have to say, first, that I wasn't really crazy about too many of the 40th Anniversary stuff - maybe because I know we are not going and so, it really doesn't pertain to me...

Second ~ our favorite souvenirs, of course are pictures!  No matter what we are doing, I take tons of pictures!  When we went on October 2008, I did get a 2008 photo album (I'm sure I'll LOVE it when I get around to finishing that trip - no, it's not done yet, don't even go there!).  Some of our other favorite things - our ears!
We were there for Trick Or Treat time and we all chose ears as our costumes - the kiddos were pirates 
(not a good one of mine- but a princess, of course) and Roger's had blinking, flashing lights and says 2008 on there.  

When I went in 1996, that was the cheapie that I brought home for all my friends, with their nicknames on the back - I am not sure if it is mine, or Rog's - but there is still a pair of those on the duck on top of our TV in the bedroom!


  1. Great pics of great souvenirs! Thanks for sharing, Christa!

  2. Oh, and by the way, your blog looks great! The colors are fun.


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