Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Pinewood Derby...his last one...

So, this year is Riley's last Pinewood Derby.  He will move up to Boy Scouts this month and they do not participate in the derby. He has been studying designs and finally figured out what he wanted to do.  Here is his final product:
It is a mini-replica of a derby track!  He raced against Webelos II in the final den race of the day and won first place of Webelos II.  
Time for weigh-in!

All of the first place winners got to race for an overall - Riley ended up in 3rd place overall...

Here's the fierce competition:
The only one I got that had his car in it!  They were too fast for me!

And the winner is: 

ME? No way!!

If all goes as planned, he will be racing it in the district derby also. So, there may be more pictures to come!

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