Sunday, November 7, 2010

Youth Hunt...

and I am in the deer woods without Roger?  Yeah, ask me how that one happened?  Turns out, I didn't have to go out with the kiddos, I stayed at the camper with a third one every time Gramma or Granpa took the first two out. I had ample time with each of the three at the camper... I was there with my two in the early morning hours, so we just hung out on the couch reading.  With Chunky, it was afternoon and nice out - so we were outside more.

When we arrived Friday evening, one of the guys had a 5 point up cleaning it (bow kill).  Saturday morning, one of the young teens brought in a doe.  While we were watching him clean it, another guy brought in a 400 lb wild hog! This thing was HUGE!  That was definitely the excitement for the weekend! 

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