Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to head home~

This morning, Ry stayed in with me and the other two went out with Gramma and Granpa.  Samantha went and sat with Gramma until they were frozen... then once they all returned, the kiddos played out front in the cold!  They were out playing when one of the new kiddos (age14- I think) came back with a 9 point.  They all took off down and watched/helped with the cleaning of that.

The 9 point being brought in sparked some more interest... the boys wanted to go back out for a while.  Ry went with Gramma. I sat and listened to them on the walkie-talkies - Granpa had a nice size doe come into view and was headed toward Ry - he gave an update about her status every 5 minutes for about 30 minutes... Ry never saw the doe, but he said he was shakin the whole time knowing that it was close to him.  He would have taken a shot if it came into his view.

Once that doe passed, they all headed back in to get ready for home.  Sadly, none of the kiddos brought a deer home this year on youth hunt - maybe next weekend?  Once we got loaded up and headed out, we didn't get far... there was a motorcycle wreck in one of the curves headed out... we stopped at that so Gramma and Granpa could help - thankfully it was minor and both passengers were OK.

Once home and through the shower, dinner was chili at Chelles and then chatting with mom and dad!  My own bed feels SO good... nite all!

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