Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23 - Favorite Vacation

Like I have said in other posts, we like to travel.  My in-laws have time share at Big Cedar, just outside of Branson.  We visit there at least twice a year, spring and fall.  One year, we booked a quick get away weekend there in December.  There were plenty of things to do on the grounds and we enjoyed every one of them.  I have  pictures of that weekend in my scrapbook, I made my father in law a small scrapbook of the weekend.  We had a blast.

First, it SNOWED!! Like 6-8 inches!!  The kiddos were young enough that they had never really seen SNOW. I mean it flurries here in AR on occasion, but this would have been considered a blizzard in my state - it would have shut down the town!  So, in addition to snowmen built on the back porch and snowball fights, we traipsed all over the grounds in the snow!  Nothing like hot-tubbing with snow all around!

Some of the activities that we participated in were Gingerbread House building, decorating sugar cookies, candy cane hunt (in the snow), breakfast with the Claus's, carriage ride & the Christmas Tree lighting!  That weekend was one of the best weekends EVER!

(pictures are on my other computer... I hope to be able to share them).

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