Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and a storm...

This morning was church.  Rog and I went, met the kiddos there. They wanted to go back home with Gramma to help her do some cleaning (weird huh?  I bet they did more playing).  Rog worked on getting the boat winterized and cleaned up and ready to go in the shed.

I worked on some things inside, mainly preparing for the ladies auxiliary meeting.  The meeting turned out to be pretty successful and I am please with the progress we made today.  In fact, it ran over what we had planned.

When I got home, Rog had gotten the boat put away and was waiting on me so we could head to Chelle's for our 14th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party.  One the way there - half mile down the road- the tornado sirens started going off.  The storms all managed to stay south of us, so that was a relief, but I think the weather scared off some folks... nonetheless we had a great time with the few that showed up!

Samantha's finished product
Riley's finished product
Em's finished product

All three were done free hand.  Em did look at a picture to draw it, but it was not traced.

Once the storms moved on, the weather was nice.  Tons of fun, long day, busy week...

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