Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's all about the CHILI!

At least today it was!

Today was the Fire Department's Annual Chili Supper & to said it was a great day for it is an understatement!  It was the WORST possible day for it!  Here are a few things that were ALSO going on today, that we feel put a damper on the dinner:

Hogs Game - we won!
Air Show
State Fair
Cabot Fest
AND - it was 90* out!!

We did just OK.  We will have to think better about this one next year.


Samantha left out early this morning to head to Jackson, TN to pick up Gramma Jean for the week. They made it back in time for chili and Samantha was able to help out the Youth with the bake sale.  Her and her friend ended up at Gramma's house for the night.

Ry and Rog headed out first thing this morning for Cub/Dad Camp.  I have texted with him a time or two and they seem to be having fun.

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