Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Grammar

As you may have guessed by now, Wednesday's are our *out* days.  Samantha has speech, piano and voice and Riley has guitar - all on Wednesday.  I take this time to run all of my errands, do any grocery shopping and anything else that I need to do out of the house.  This saves on gas and sanity!  We do pretty good about staying home the rest of the week.  Usually the only exception is doctor appts, field trips and the occasional family visit. So, since we are in the car... I try to plan things that they can do while we are riding.  For grammar - we take a Mad Libs book with us and we reinforce parts of speech!  Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they make no sense and sometimes, I think they were a waste of time!  Anyways, today, they did come up with a funny one and I thought we would share.

Don't neglect your scalp! Even though you don't know it, your scalp may be wet.  This can cause your hair to turn handsome and funky.  A 500 scalp is due to over activity on the part of the jupiter gland and to excessive production of the baskets normally present in the skin.  For a healthy scalp wash your head lovingly every night in turquoise water and then take a hot Genesis shampoo. Then massage your crayon for five minutes with a sharp peanut.  If you suffer from friendly hair, soak your toilet regularly in a car of vinegar.  Good Luck!

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