Thursday, September 2, 2010

Link-Up: History

Joining in the Homeschool Village's weekly Link-Up!

Link up your History!  Share your post when did you 1st hear about homeschooling and what was your reaction?  Did you have a mentor to help you get started?

** please keep in mind - this is not a why homeschooling debate but rather a when you came across homeschooling post!!  We are an uplifting community who desires to encourage others.  Please do not use this opportunity to bash the public school system, teachers, and/or students.  Thank You!!  Guidelines are available and highly encouraged!

If you have an older post that shares the when you "met" homeschooling - feel free to link to it on the Homeschool Village's page.

When did I first hear about homechooling and what was my reaction?  WoW, I don't even remember.  I ran a childcare center before my children were born and continued there with them at my side until they were three...but, sometime before that, we knew that I was going to quit work when they were old enough and we were keeping them home.  I assume that my reaction was probably something along the lines of *Oh, I wanna do that!* but I honestly don't remember my first introduction to homeschooling!

Did you have a mentor to help you get started?  Not so much a mentor, but I did speak for a really long time one day to a wonderful lady that had homeschooled her children.  She was a blessing to me that day and continues to be in my life, but we really don't talk homeschool much!

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