Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Had a visit with my rheumetologist today and I got to visit with him & the Nurse Practitioner.  She seemed as interested and concerned as Dr. Chi is.  They were both very frustrated that there was a message from me and neither of them got the message to call me.  They were also not happy with the fact that I was basically ignored by the pulmanologist.  He went ahead and gave me a script for prednisone and wants me to see yet another pulmanologist.  Hopefully 3rd times a charm!

On a side note- my chest is not hurting to bad - I am not sure if it is the updraft, inhaler, Celebrex or the natural pleurisy root that I have been taking.

I guess my next step is to wait for the pulmanologist to call me back.  I do feel good knowing that both the doc and the NP said that I better call until I talk to them next time...

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