Friday, August 20, 2010

Trolley Ride, Old State House, Civil War & Peabody Ducks!

That would be how we spent our Friday!!  We arrived at the NLR Trolley stop in time to catch a ride over the river.

We were dropped off 3 blocks from the Old State House where we joined our homeschool group.  We were given a tour of the Old State House, which used to be Arkansas' State Capital Building and we got to meet with a guy who does Civil War re-enactments  He shared with us the clothing and supplies from each side and had some fun Civil War trivia.

 Once we left there, we walked back by the Peabody, snuck inside to peek at the ducks.  We missed their march, but they were still eating when we got there.  We jumped back on the Trolley, finished the downtown tour and headed home for some lunch!

 Kiddos finished school with no complaints!

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