Thursday, August 19, 2010

Annual *NOT* Back to School Fun Day!

This morning was the first day of public school.  In order to celebrate the fact that we don't have to go back to school, we met a bunch (20 families) at the local donut shop.  We had a great time there. The turnout was better than last year!

Another mom planned a Skate your *BUNS off - to immediately follow the donut shop.  There were 50+ kiddos there and they had a BLAST! Of course, all of the mom's had a great time as well!! I didn't get any pictures, sorry!

We finished up our Hunter's Ed class tonight, kiddos will have to take it again, and they are OK with that.  We talked to the instructors afterward about how the class was taught and how it could be very confusing.  Example:  The whole class they talked about how to measure a caliber from land to land.  They taught that, we reviewed that and I ingrained it in their brain...the test question about this said nothing about land on there.  There were several questions like that.  The curriculum was easier than the boat course, and they both did better on the hunting test.  Now, I don't think we wasted time at all.  Even though they didn't pass the test and get their Hunter's Ed Card, they did learn a lot by being there.  Mostly gun safety!

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