Monday, May 24, 2010

Titanic Unit Study

In anticpation of a trip to Branson, we decided to do a quick Unit Study on the Titanic.  I started with the teacher's guide from the Titanic's Museum website and then spent time googling Titanic lesson plans.  There are tons of  FREE resources out there!  We also checked out MANY books from the library.  We started on a Monday morning with Titanic: The Complete Story that we checked out of the library.  The video is 5 hours long, so we broke it up into smaller sections.  They watched the first section and took notes.  Then we started reading Tonight on the Titanic and Titanic: A Nonfiction Companion both by Mary Pope Osburn. (There are some worksheets attached to that link).  Riley spent some time out front with chalk drawing what he has already collected from what we watched.

Tuesday we watched the second part and took a few more notes.  They both read Pig on the Titanic: A True Story (simple, but cute).  They have been taking fairly good notes.

Thursday we watched the Timeline section of the Complete Story.  We made a poster of the timeline that we will use to refer to as we continue our study.

Friday I finished up reading the books we were in the middle of and the kiddos browsed through other books that we had for the lesson.  We used sidewalk chalk and drew the Titanic, as well as a poster to do some Titanic art.

While in Branson, we did get a chance to explore the Titanic Museum.  We loved it.  The kiddos loved that they knew what was going on and they also love being able to answer the random trivia questions around the museum.  Sadly, there were no camera's allowed, so this was all we got:

I decided not to list all the books we used because I know all libraries are different, so I encourage you to check out what is offered at your library and use the resources there.

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