Monday, May 24, 2010

CREW: Lobster Network

I LOVE this idea!  Lobster Network!  It is a swap board of sorts...yet, it's so much more! 

First, let me warn you, as of this posting they are just getting up and going, so the *inventory* was minimal - however - once this catches will be awesome!

On Lobster Network, you sign up and you can list all of your items - for sale, for borrow, for trade, for give away!  Think of ebay - just much more options!  I can list my inventory and if I have things that I want to KEEP, but don't mind someone borrowing - I list it that way.  If I have stuff that I want to get rid of - FREE - I list it as a give away.  I think that this could be something great!

Another neat option on Lobster Network - groups!  I set up a PRIVATE group for my local HS group.  We can borrow, trade and swap between us - all local to each other! 

I have been in the middle of hosting a yard sale and next week, I will be attending our annual Junk in the Trunk Used Curriculum Sale with my HS group.  Once all of that wraps up, I will be listing all of my items (cheap!) on Lobster Network.

I also want to add, I have had the pleasure of working with the family responsible for Lobster (through the Crew this year) and want to say that I think the customer service here will be better than any you've ever seen!

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