Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The rest of our Tuesday

We spent a good part of the day watching history in the making!  The kiddos asked some good questions!  We all learned a lot!
From there, we finished up the rest of our work and all of our chores then had a Wii Sports training session!! The kiddos and I started off with our Wii age - mine went from 64 up to 73!!  All three of my items were boxing (and I STINK at boxing!) and I went from bad to worse!!  We started on the training sessions - while I started meatballs.  When Rog got home, he joined us in training.  We made thru all the series - except boxing...heheh!!
Meatball subs for dinner - they were pretty yummy!!  Then we were off to scouts.  Our pack got new TShirts, and they arrived tonight.  I helped the Denmaster sort thru them and get them to where they belonged. 
After something that happened at scouts had me thinking.  Then mom called - she was the perfect person to ask.  From there, we started talking about collections and all.  SHe said she has always wanted to start her own collection agency - I asked why she hadn't.  Says she has never had the time to get it up and going.  We talked for a while and before we got off the phone (at almost midnight) we had most of the paperwork printed off and filled out, we had started brainstorming for names, and we had searched all the laws and such.  How exciting - we may be in the process of starting a new business.  Pray that things fall into place!

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