Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Monday...

I was so drained this morning that once I finally did get up, I put in one of the Titanic videos for the kiddos to start watching, then I dozed on and off in the chair as it played.  They were taking notes on it, and when we get completely finished with it, we will do a report - newspaper style I am thinking.  The video is 300 minutes long - so watching it will be a few days in the  making!! 

After lunch, we loaded up and headed to the of the mom's in our HS group planned an impromptu trip to the pool, so we decided to swim the afternoon away!  (Well, they did - I didn't get in the water).  There were 5 or 6 families there, so about 15 kiddos - they had a lot of fun!

Neither one of them were very hungry for dinner, so they kinda snacked a little.  Riley had ball practice and I had a VBS meeting at church.  The kiddos both went with mom and dad to ball practice.  Mom and dad both said he is doing really well! 

VBS  ~ we will be *setting sail* sometime this summer to teach the kiddos about Jesus!  Looking forward to helping out and to reaching out 'across the street and around the world' to help do my part in sharing the word of the Lord.

Home just in time to watch my normal Monday night shows and hit the bed... I am tired, so I hope I will make it thru CSI: Miami!!

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