Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CREW: Media Freaks

Media Freaks let the Crew have a free membership to their program Wiglington and Wenks.  There is a free area for the kiddos to play in, as well as a paid membership place.  I signed myself up for the paid membership and allowed the kiddos to sign up under the free part.  Mainly so we could compare the differences in the two.  For the most part, I cannot tell what extra I am getting as a *paying* member in comparison to what the freebies have access to.

I am seeing some things with this game that I like.  It is an educational game, there are maps, places to travel, and educational games to play.  My kiddos have been enjoying playing the games. Overall, it is a really cut program...I will continue to let my kiddos play on it as long as it seems to be ok.

On the other hand, one thing I am not crazy about is the kiddos having access to open chat.  I think being able to post smileys is great, but the actual *chat* should be limited or restricted.  My kiddos are only 10 and they would be fine with some pre-decided terms that can be used as choices for chat.  I know when we play Internet checkers, you have a choice of dialog that you can use that is only relative to the game.  I think the Wiglington and Wenks would benefit from a chat style such as this.  Seeing as how I don't know who else is signed up (read: how old they are) it makes me a little un-easy about them being on there without me being close by.

*Disclaimer:  We were given access to this game free of charge in exchange for our review.  Please visit the Crew, linked above, for more reviews on this product.

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