Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Six degrees of blogging: Ramble Time- Reinvented

Super cute and fun idea that I got from Three Boys and A Dog's blog.  She got the original idea from Julia at Work, Wife, Mommy...Life. Take a few minutes and visit my Six Degrees...and take a few more and see where you end up!  Come back here and comment and let me know where you ended up. ((Or if there is a Mr. Linky.  I may give that a try on this post)).
Here are my six steps:
1. Start at my blog ~ clicking on a commentor in one of my posts takes me to
2. His Happy Apple ~ clicking on a blog that she gave an award to takes me to
3. For a Time Such as This ~ clicking on one of her followers (that had a cupcake for their avatar ~ hey, I'm hungry, what can I say) takes me to
4. Bad Girls Kitchen ~ (yummy, a foodie blog) clicking on one of her commentors on the chocolate chip cookie posts takes me to
5. Year on the Grill ~ clicking one of his followers takes me to my sixth degree of blogging separation:
Ramble Time- Reinvented! 
I left her a comment so we will see what happens next!!
Here are the rules for particpation:
Here's the rules:

*Start on your own blog

*Click on a link to another blog. On that blog, click a link to another blog, that leads to another and another til you get to 6 clicks.

*Once you arrive on your "six degrees" blog, leave a comment saying "Hey! Found you through six degrees of blogging. Your are featured on my blog! (Leave your blog URL so they can find you.)

*THEN, on your own blog, write a super quick post that includes the Six Degrees Button and a quick blurb saying who you found and something nice about them and/or their blog.

*Encourage your readers to stop by their blog as well and leave some comment love!

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