Sunday, March 14, 2010

Party Day!!

Today was the birthday my house...remember, there are two of them, so twice as many friends...and they almost all showed up...

Seriously, we had a great time!!! There were about 12 girls and 5 boys, not counting my two!  They played outside and had a great time!! Kiddos got some nice things for their birthday and they really enjoyed all their friends over. 

We did go to church this morning before the party.  Once home, the kiddos were wondering why the party had to be at 2, instead of 1.  They were pretty impatient, but very willing to help get things picked up and ready for the party.

After the party died down, my parents, Rog's parents and my sis all stayed for dinner.  We made two big pans of mexican chicken...and there was very little left!  We didn't play games tonight, everyone was so tired!

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