Monday, March 8, 2010

Our SpringClean Break

We started our spring break this morning, and it started out with spring cleaning...  The kiddos both started on their own rooms while I started on ours.  We all worked hard (deep cleaning) and pretty much got through with bedrooms today.  Mine is clean, along with my bathroom.  Samantha is about 3/4 of the way done with hers and Riley is almost completely finished with his!!  Those two rooms were the worst, so if we made that much progress today- just this morning and early afternoon - I am feeling pretty good about how this week will go!! 

For Girl Scout Week, we voted against joining in with the Service Unit and their volunteer ideas and went out on our own. The girl scouts came over tonight and we made home made 2 different kinds of homemade dog biscuits to donate to the animal shelter.  We all tired one of them, they were weird tasting.  The other was still cooking when they all left, so they didn't get to try them.  There were 7 girls here ~ it was Crazy! and we had so much fun!!  I love that they all get along so well!!

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