Monday, March 22, 2010

Free State Maps

I recently found that is basically a BOOST for blogging!  I am still fairly new to it, and not 100% sure exactly *how* it works- I'll get back to ya on that one!  I did find this link on there that I thought was pretty neat. 

Free State Maps

My first thought was "Oh, that would be a nice resource for making travel plans"... then my homeschool mom side kicked it...  This is an awesome site for a state study!!  How fun could a state study be with free maps?  I wonder if you could cut them all out and make it like a puzzle?  Probably wouldn't work would it?  What about making a Lapbook/Notebook using pieces of the maps?  The possibilities are endless!!  I lack in my creativity and I even came up with a few ideas!!

Please share some more ideas that we could use the state maps for!!

On another note, the site that has the list of the state maps is called Hey, It's Free.  I will be bookmarking that one and checking it out later as well!!

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