Friday, March 12, 2010

CREW: Homschool Library Builder

Now, I know that being a homeschool mom automatically makes you a BOOK FREAK!  If you are like me, you have to have books...I try hard to catch good deals, but sometimes it is hard.  Garage sales work, but they are a crap shoot at finding good books and even slimmer chances that they are in good condition.

As part of the Crew, we were invited to review Homeschool Library Builder!  I think this may be a homeschool mom's heaven!  I haven't purchased anything as of yet, because I am just now starting to make my list for next year and not sure *what* exactly I want from there!  I know when I start making my purchases for next year, this will be the first place I start with my shopping list!

**Disclaimer~ this was given to me as a free product in exchange for my review.  For other reviews and opinions on this product, please visit the link above.

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